Fresh out of high school, I decided to make a name for myself. After a short 2 years I got my first event that I DJ’ed. It’s been history since then.

DJ. Producer. Engineer. Foley Artist.

I’ve worked professionally as a music producer and audio engineer for 15+ years. My foley artist work started as a hobby 5 years ago and it has grown exponentially. I’ve worked as all three with artists, short films and indie TV shows.



Music Production
(Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, EDM)

Audio Engineering

Open Format DJ’ing

Past Experiences

Owner Operator – Audio Illusions
(2011 – Present)
This is my DJ Company. I started it fresh out of high school, and we are viewed as one of the best entertainment companies in the southeast region of the United States.

Resident DJ – Fluid Lounge
(2020 – Present)
I am the resident DJ at Fluid Lounge (Newberry, FL). I work Thursday – Saturday and we have grown our sales numbers exponentially since the COVID restrictions were lifted in late 2020.

Resident DJ – Incahoots Nightclub
(2021 – Present)
I am the resident DJ at Incahoots Nightclub (Jacksonville, FL) on Wednesdays. It is a very prestigious gay bar in the area. As the headlining DJ, I run the shows and make sure everything goes smoothly.