DJ Nelson & Total U Fitness – The Bootcamp Mixes (Vol. 1 & 2)

Total U Fitness & I Present “The Bootcamp Mixes” – I create these 45 minute mixes each Tuesday for a bootcamp class presented by Total U Fitness on Wednesday.

This week I made a live mix of Dancehall, Hip Hop, Pop, and EDM using my new Pioneer S9 mixer – and it sounds CLEAN! Check it out for yourself, the link is directly below.

Download Volume 2

If you missed the first volume, you can listen to it here –

Download Volume 1
DJ Nelson and Total U Fitness - The Bootcamp Mixes

DJ Nelson – The Studio Tapes Vol. 2

I released my first part of the “Studio Tapes” earlier this year. I originally had inspiration from DJ Rectangle to do my first tape – and this one? I got my inspiration from DJ Riz. On this volume, I focus primarily on blends (aka mashups) and keeping everything in the same key.


Download: DJ Nelson – The Studio Tapes Vol. 2



If you want to check out my first volume, you can listen to it here –

Download: DJ Nelson – The Studio Tapes Vol. 1



The Studio Tapes Vol 2

Muscle Vodka Pool Party – Live DJ Mix


The Tampa Pro was a major event. It housed 290+ IFBB professional athletes and 150+ NPC athletes. After the show, Muscle Vodka put on a one-of-a-kind production by hosting the after party! I provided the music, and was able to record the second half of my set.

You can listen, stream, and download the mix for free below! I have also provided a form in case you want to purchase the mix.

The mix itself contains a wide array of music. I played everything from Reggaeton and Moombahton to Hip Hop, Funk, and Breaks. I hope you enjoy listening just as much as I enjoyed playing it.

Download Link: