The VIP Mix

When I get booked, its usually from word-of-mouth. A lot of my customers and clients appreciate the art of creating mashups, bootlegs, and blends – so in this mix, I wanted to curate the many diverse vibes of a VIP room. All of the edits I used in this mix were made by me, or found on Direct Music Service.

This mix starts off with an AC/DC and Notorious BIG mashup to give it a strong, fast vibe – and from there I travel through different decades of music and various genres. About halfway through, I transition into a twerk / hip hop / rap mix.. I tend to quick mix those tracks. I use wordplay sporadically in this mix, because not too many people pay attention to it. In club / VIP room scenarios, its all about creating a vibe and reading the crowd. In the end of the mix, I transition into Hip Hop / R&B tracks to ease you out of the mix – to end it on a softer note.

As a DJ, I feel like nobody should be left hanging and wanting more. I want you to feel a fluid motion in a mix. Think of it as surfing – You have to climb up the wave and ride it down. You can’t ride the wave forever…so why be at peak energy forever? When you surf, you can’t end the surf at the top of the wave either…so why should a mix end with a banger? 😉

I hope you enjoy this mix. If you’d like to book me, you can visit my contact page here or text/call me at 386-288-8928.